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We help students and their families exercise their mind!

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Prepare for your Quest. Let us help you excel in more ways than you thought were possible.

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Begin your Quest. Exercise your mind, body and spirit as we help you achieve success in college, and beyond.

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Continue your Quest. Navigate the process of transitioning from one institution to another. Allow us to help you find resources and support networks.

Adult Learners

Enhance your Quest. Success, both inside and outside of the classroom, begins with determination. We’ll help you stay motivated and achieve your goals!

For Families

Support their Quest. We can help you navigate the ever changing landscape of Higher Education, find resources and learn ways to best support your student.

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Quest Coaches are motivated, energized and excited to begin working with you. With Master's degrees in Higher Education Counseling, our Coaches are dynamic professionals with a myraid of experiences that are equipped to help students achieve their goals and begin their Quest for excellence.

P. Max Quinn

Co-Founder | Coach | Speaker

Jeff Sarahs

Co-Founder | Coach | Speaker

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