May 14, 2015

Life Coaching

One-to-One, Small Group & Family Coaching

Our Coaches teach, train, support and guide students and their families in developing goals and action plans that will promote their success!

We Exercise Minds!

We have an intense focus on achieving success. We offer personalized coaching – A coach who “gets it”, who has “been there”, and one who will devote all of their energy into helping students and their families achieve their goals. We are dedicated and committed to educate, challenge and empower students to exercise their minds and their potential!

Using engaging and developmental teaching theories, our Coaches can provide intimate, intentional coaching that will equip our clients with the tools to achieve success.

We provide Coaching for these targeted groups:

For Everyone:

  • Career Planning & Goal Setting
  • Resume & Cover Letter Building
  • Elevator Speech Coaching
  • Job Search & Career Coaching
  • Interview Coaching

For High School Students & their Families:

  • Academic Coaching – Preparing for College Academically
  • Life Coaching – Preparing for Everything College has to Offer
  • The College Application Process
  • Finding the Right Institution – The Right Price & The Right Fit
  • Transitioning into College Life – Making the Most of the College Experience

For College Students & their Families:

  • Transferring to a New Institution
  • Leadership Development – Making the Most of the College Experience
  • Preparing for Life After College – The Job search and Beyond!
  • High School to College Transition – Freshman Year Struggles and How to Overcome them!

For College Athletes:

  • Preparing for Life After College
  • NCAA Rules, Regulations & Eligibility
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Transitioning Out of Being an Athlete – The Job Search and Beyond!
  • Transferring to New Institution as a Student Athlete
  • Strengths-Based Leadership in Athletics
  • Ethical Practice & Sportsmanship

For Adult Learners:

  • Career Planning & Goal Setting
  • Resume & Cover Letter Building
  • Elevator Speech Coaching
  • Transferring to New Institution as an Adult Learner/Non-traditional students

All coaching strategies are rooted in student development and teaching theories that are tailored to meet individual needs. You can expect a personalized, professional and appropriately challenging experience! 

If you don’t see an area of focus listed here that you are particularly interested in, please let us know!

We tailor our coaching strategies to meet your needs. We understand that each individual has different expectations and aspirations – Our coaching methods do not take a “cookie cutter” approach. We intentionally take the time to get to know you and your family as people, assess your needs, help you articulate goals, and together, we create a plan that makes sense for you.

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Life Coaching

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