October 9, 2015

Mission, Vision, Values


Our Quest is to assist with college transitions. We coach, educate, teach, mentor and prepare students and their families for life before, during and after college. Listed below are the types of students we want to work with:

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Student Athletes
  • Graduate Students
  • Students whom are transferring from one institution to another
  • Adult learners who are transitioning back into the classrooms
  • Student athletes who are transitioning out of sport, transferring to a new institution or those seeking to become more engaged on their campus.

We provide One-to-One Coaching and Training Workshops, Conference Presentations and travel to college campuses and Middle and High Schools to help students exercise their minds! We understand the complexity of the college student experience. Our primary objective is to coach, teach, train, educate and mentor students of all ages, experiences and backgrounds as they navigate the ever changing landscape of Higher Education. We guide students and their families to develop tangible goals by creating action plans and supporting them as they achieve success on the field, in the classroom and beyond.

High School Students: Prepare for your Quest!

Beginning your college journey can be challenging. Navigating the last few years of High School and preparing for college is critical. Here are just some of the ways we can coach students and their families:

  • Developing and enhancing study skills
  • Resume Building; Cover Letter & Personal Statement Writing
  • Identifying institutions that make sense for you, your budget and your goals
  • Preparing for: Interviews; Campus Tours; Financial Aid/FAFSA Applications;
  • Connecting with resources available on college campuses to best support student needs
  • Career Exploration and Articulating personal values
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Time Management & Preparing for the academic rigors of college
    • and much, much more!

Quest Coaching is here to help students be prepared, excel, and exercise their bodies and minds.

College Students: Create your Future!

Identity is intrinsically rooted in our life’s purpose. For college students, so much of their identity is bound-up in their career goals, sports they play and their collegiate involvements. From feeling a sense of belonging, to achieving goals and winning championships, college students need support as they develop their identity. For students whom are athletes, identity development can be fluid as goals, dreams and abilities change drastically once their collegiate athletic career comes to an end. Regardless of whether a student is an athlete or not, it is imperative that they educate themselves on opportunities available to them as they journey through college, navigate graduation and work towards career goals.

We can help students develop and hone their skills so that they are marketable to employers, and have a strong sense of who they are and who they aspire to become.

Transfer Students & Transitioning Athletes: Continue your Quest!

So much of collegiate success has to do with institutional fit. Students and athletes alike, need to feel a strong connection to their sport, team and most importantly, their institution. Sometimes students choose to transfer to a new institution or are recruited to play sports for another team in a different division or University. 

Quest Coaching can help students and their families navigate the process of transitioning from one institution to another, as well as help students find resources and support networks on new campuses that will help them achieve success both inside the classroom and on the field. Whether you are thinking about your options, or are in the process of transferring, we can help you achieve your goals!


Adult Learners: Enhance your Quest!

Making the leap to integrate oneself back into the classroom can be a daunting task. However, we know that overcoming challenges and obstacles only makes a person stronger. We seek to help educate learners of all ages and life experiences to connect with resources, support networks and to make their college transition as enriching as possible.